Frequently Asked Questions — Architects and Engineers

What is Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture?

A water and vapor proofing liquid admixture with many other benefits.

Why should I use Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture?

To achieve a water and vapor proof, impermeable, non-absorbent substrate in order to prevent contamination such as water, chlorides, acid, mold, etc. and subsequent degradation.

How does Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture work?

It eliminates capillary voids by creating insoluble solids in the void structure, making the concrete impermeable.

In which applications should Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture be used?

Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture is suitable for all forms of cementitious construction and products.

Who uses Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture?

Our admixture is used in multiple markets including residential, commercial, industrial, public and civil markets. You will find our product in areas such as precast, cast-in-place, slab-on-grade, slab-on deck, tunnels, bridges, water retention structures, dams, levees, pools, airports, arenas, etc.

Are there examples of this product I can see?

View examples where Moxie products have been applied.

Does it make concrete more durable?

Yes. Our admixture is a densifier. Please contact us for our Freeze/Thaw document and Tabor/Abrasion tests.

Will it increase compressive strength?

Results are mix design dependent. Higher compressive strength has been achieved. 9.1% increase at 10 oz. of Moxie at day 28.

Why choose Moxie over competitor’s products?

There is no known equal. Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture is the only vapor proofing admixture on the market. Competitor’s products only reduce water/vapor transmission.

Is it a “green” product that can be used for LEED certification?

Yes. LEED points can be gained. Please contact us for our LEED sheet.